Ambazonia: Vice President Dabney Speaks of his Vision, his Health and the way Forward 0

Following his appointment as the Vice President of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia, Cameroon Concord News Group congratulated Dabney Yerima and judged it wise for our readers to get first-hand information about this new C0-driver of the Southern Cameroons revolution train. Vice President Dabeny cautioned our correspondent not to address him as VP but simply as Comrade. Below is the full conversation with the Southern Cameroons new strongman

Cameroon Concord News Thank you very much Mister Vice President for accepting to talk to us. A new page in the struggle and a new challenge for you and your family

Dabney Yerima: My dear journalist, titles aren’t essential or important now. The central people in this struggle are the families in the forests, the refugees in Nigeria, the IDPs, the Restoration Forces and Ground Zero not titles. These title cancers in the diaspora have made us lost our focus! We need to refocus. It is my belief that every struggle goes through phases and we have gone through a difficult one recently.

Regarding the second part of your question, I wish and must say here that this is not my family struggle; this is the people’s revolution. It’s not about me or President Sisiku Ayuk Tabe!! It’s about the people of Southern Cameroons.

Cameroon Concord News Many Ambazonians agree with you that the Southern Cameroons Diaspora has been consistently inconsistent! What should be expected in the coming days?

Dabney Yerima My vision is to get all the focus on Ground Zero. You and I are very much aware that diplomacy is a slow process but we must never give up whilst doing all we can to help our people defend themselves. My goal is to use this trust conferred upon me by President Sisiku Ayuk Tabe to build bridges and to get us to refocus and direct our dynamism where it matters most. Accountability and trust are earned and not dished out like kola nuts. I also will work extremely hard to build an IG that respects Ambazonian state institutions and the constitution of the State.

Cameroon Concord News A lot of tongues have been wagging ever since President Sisiku Ayuk Tabe made public the decision appointing you as Vice President! Who is Comrade Dabney Yerima?

Dabney Yerima I was born into a traditional Northern Zone family that till this day exhumes hard-work and enthusiasm. I attended Sacred Heart College Mankon and Cameroon Protestant College Bali both in Southern Cameroons before travelling to Holland over twenty years ago. I am a family man with two beautiful kids.

Cameroon Concord News Southern Cameroonians in Europe are saying that you are not a stranger to the complexity and direction of the Ambazonia debate and struggle. Is this true?

Dabney Yerima President Sisiku Ayuk Tabe pointed out to me some time ago that whenever a man is over praised, there is the danger of him becoming arrogant, so I will always check myself when dealing or reacting to what the public is saying about me. Formerly I worked as the Acting Secretary General of the SCNC and also held positions in SCACUF. In the Ambazonian Interim Government, I served as the Under Secretary of State for Home Affairs and Resource Mobilization and before that at the DOD in the logistics Command Unit.

Cameroon Concord News We gathered from our intelligence department that you were struck down by a serious illness and was never expected to walk again or stay alive but you recovered. Talk us through that experience

Dabney Yerima As you rightly mentioned, I recovered and that’s an experience which I attribute to the grace of God. God in his infinite image has provided another opportunity for me to lead his people. I am strong and doing well and ready!! But I need the support of every Southern Cameroonian and most importantly you of the press.

Cameroon Concord New When do you intend to address the people of Ambazonia?

Dabney Yerima That decision has to come from the Communications Department of the Ambazonian presidency. I believe and fervently too that it will come soonest.

Cameroon Concord News Thank you very much for your time! Hope to have more of these conversations with you

Dabney Yerima It’s my pleasure Comrade

Interviewed by our London Bureau Chief Sesekou Asu Isong and published by Chi Prudence Asong