Ambazonia Vice President reveals details of recent killings by French Cameroun soldiers 0

People of Bali,

Fellow Ambazonians,

I come to you again following another dark day in the history of our nation. On Saturday, May 25th, 2019, at about midday Amba time, the people of Bali, were subjected to another drench of barbarism from the occupation forces of La République du Cameroun.

In an unprovoked-now-routine-attack, several of our fellow citizens were gunned down. Seven members of the Bali community going about their daily activities were executed in cold blood. Five members of the victims are of the Baya family. Soldiers shot Vincent Baya when they stormed the Sang neighbourhood, and when his grandmother, Na Sanyonga Feh Grace and three other relatives––Gabriel Baya, Peter Naya and Foncham––tried to rush him to the hospital on a ladder makeshift stretcher, all four were also shot dead by soldiers of the regime.

May their souls rest in peace. They will never be forgotten.

Unfortunately, these savage and unprovoked attacks led by the forces of BIR in collaboration with other extermination paramilitary wings put together and sent out by the Cameroun Army on our innocent and defenceless civilian population has become endemic. Two days prior to this recent attacks, specifically on Thursday, May 23rd, 2019, our communities in various neighbourhoods across Ambazonia were subjected to yet another unprovoked genocidal onslaughts as follows:

  • Bakala, a popular bike rider in Kumba, was shot dead by Cameroon soldiers at Meboka junction. Eye witnesses say the murder was totally unprovoked.
  • Nine of our fellow citizens were shot dead in Esu, Menchum. Amongst the victims was Kenah Francis, known in the community to be struggling with mental health issues.  Seemingly the killings were not enough, so as they vacated the area, the soldiers sprayed the Esu Health Center with bullets that were destructive to medical equipments.  They were determined to make sure that their attack impacted maximum damage on the health centre so as to handicap the entire community that depended solely on it.

-In Bamenda, soldiers attacked and killed another civilian whose name is still pending.  This took place at mile 90 in what is now known as a “celebratory ritual” in which they (regime soldiers) embark on spraying bullets randomly in civilian communities and public spaces as they invade our towns and villages or as they return from a successful killing spree of unarmed persons.

-Then there is the heart-wrenching targeted-close-range-shooting and killing of four-months-old baby, Neba Martha Mbuh as seen in a disturbing video that has now gone viral on social media. This most barbaric crime against humanity took place in Muyuka, as she lay peacefully asleep at home in her mother’s comfortable settee, relatable to many to be a safe place for a baby away from her mother’s loving arms.  We cannot forget the emotionally charged wailing of her mother, Agbor Emilia as she looked at the ravaged blood soaked lifeless body of her baby, haven transferred the mortal remains from the settee to her bed.

We have irrefutable evidence that these crimes against humanity are premeditated and directed by leaders of the regime in Yaoundé.  Make no mistakes, these are not random attacks, these are military operational war tactics, designed specifically to terrorise and traumatise the civilian population in order to deter prospective enlistment of self defence restoration forces and or evoke retaliation from existing fighters who have been forced by the brutality of regime soldiers to pick up weapons and defend their vulnerable communities from similar attacks.

As we have advised previously on SCBC, no matter how tempting and legitimate the call for revenge seems to be under such circumstances, our people must exercise restraint.  We cannot afford to fall into this provocative incentive designed to reduce our restoration struggle into inter-communal violence just as it happened in Ivory Coast masterminded by neocolonial France.  Such reactions pitch against the legitimacy of our struggle and we spot the dangers and stay focused.

Over the last two days, I have had several meetings with other colleagues in The Interim Government to discuss these latest atrocities. We strongly condemn these horrifyingly wicked genocidal crimes against unarmed civilians, against women, against boys, girls, old people, the disabled, against patients with various health problems and against humanity.

We shall be using all the resources at our disposal to ensure adequate global response to these genocidal crimes committed against our people. The perpetrators of these crimes must be held accountable and the point to note here is not if, it is when. We call on all Ambazonians to remain resolved and vigilant. We also urge those with verifiable evidence of these latest crimes and any other crime to discreetly forward the details to us via SCBC message platform on Facebook or through a trusted family member and or connected comrade of the revolution.  Say nothing whatsoever to people you don’t know and trust.

The Interim Government shares your pain during this very difficult and challenging time. We have established contact with our humanitarian team in the affected counties, and will be offering further support as we put all the logistical details together.

As we continue to pursue our struggle for justice and the restoration of our statehood, I’m asking you to remain hopeful amidst these acts of gross violations of humanity. Rest assured that we shall overcome. We are confident that truth and justice will prevail and we continue to call on those who remain an integral part of the peace process to emphasise on a Fact Finding Mission (FFM) to investigate and establish all calls of human rights violations in Ambazonia.  It is only through the findings of FFM that the road map to a peaceful resolution and justice would finally take off.

God Bless you,

Short Live the Struggle

Long Live the Federal Republic of Ambazonia