Ambazonia: Vice President Yerima announces State Burial For Justice Ebong 0

Tributes to a Legend, Fighter, Leader, Teacher and Comrade Rtd Justice Frederick A. Ebong

A State Burial is hereby announced for our great leader, Comrade Retired Justice Frederick A. Ebong.

Amongst every great people, in every great nation, history always records that the foundation lies in men and women of substance, integrity and determination. Men and women who stood up and faced the challenges of their time. 

As Ambazonians, our history is rich with many such greats. We are sad to announce that Comrade Justice Frederick Ebong will be laid to rest this weekend (12th-13th of July 2019) in Washington, USA. Both days are declared days of national mourning. Our people will be in black and the Ambazonia flag will fly at half-mast.

The Interim Government joins his family, the people of our nation, Ambazonia, to celebrate the life of this unique leader who gallantly fought for freedom, justice and peace for our people right through his last breath on earth. As he exits the stage, our duty is to emulate this giant by continuing this quest for independence and freedom. Our duty is to pick the baton of selflessness and courage to keep this flame of justice and independence burning till the end.

As we reflect on the life-threatening sacrifices you made for our collective freedom, we want to reassure you that your life struggle is our struggle and we will deliver on the ultimate prize by taking our people to Buea. We will not falter on the mandate you have handed over to us to complete this historic assignment. You led a resistance movement that at its start held little prospect of success. But you were fully persuaded in the justness of our cause and nothing stopped you, not even your own freedom from pursuing this noble objective of setting your people free.

You showed us what being persuaded in the concept of a free homeland means. You showed us the power of action; of taking risks when nothing else mattered but for the freedom of your people. Perhaps like Nelson Mandela, you were right that you inherited, “a proud rebelliousness, a stubborn sense of fairness” from those who came before you.

Ambazonia will remember you for your wisdom, boldness, determination, humility, courage, your servant-leadership style, your patriotism and your statesmanship. Even when the challenges of life seemed insurmountable, with courage and determination, you taught us that we can overcome the evils of our societies. Eternal gratitude is what we owe you for your efforts and steadfastness in standing for the freedom of your people at all cost.

For our nation to see a new dawn, it had to take the sacrifice of countless people to take us to where we are today. You have left your mark. Rest in Perfect Peace Comrade, Rest in Perfect Peace our Leader.

As you rest in peace, intercede for Ambazonia. As you rest in peace, we pray that the Good Lord blesses us and our descendants with the wisdom he bestowed upon you.

 God Bless the soul of Justice Frederick A. Ebong 

God Bless the Federal Republic of Ambazonia 

 Yours in Servant Leadership,

 Dabney Yerima

 Vice President – Federal Republic of Ambazonia