Ambazonia: Vice President Yerima says resistance main tool to chase away French Cameroun 0

Vice President Dabney Yerima, the leader of the Southern Cameroons struggle and the Interim Government has said that resistance is the only option left to free the Ambazonia homeland.

The Biya Beti Ewondo French Cameroun reconstruction plan is a new CPDM crime ploy to keep Southern Cameroonians in perpetual slavery exploiting West Cameroonian land and resources,” Dabney Yerima said.

Comrade Yerima stressed that the people of Southern Cameroons would use all means available to get to Buea, the capital of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia.

In this week’s war cabinet briefing, the exiled Ambazonia Vice President also described French Cameroun’s decision on reconstruction of Ambazonia as an act of provocation.

The plan, which many political commentators have described as a “Nonsensical Nonsense” denies Southern Cameroonians everything including Federalism and the right to govern their homeland.

Interim Government protest against Special Status

The level of barbarism being perpetuated by the Cameroon government military and pro Biya government militias as they pursue their genocidal war and scorch earth policy to completely annihilate the Southern Cameroons (Ambazonia) is alarming.

So far, as a result of the on-going genocide in the Southern Cameroons (Ambazonia), an estimated 21,000 people have been killed, over 298 towns and villages have been burnt down, over 120,000 people are seeking refuge in Nigeria and further afield, over 1million people are internally displaced or living in bushes and over 3,000 persons incarcerated in prisons and detention facilities.

French Cameroun President Biya and his military and private militia will be held accountable for these crimes. While not exonerating Ambazonian self-defense forces, we also know that Mr Biya’s government is doing everything through its private militia (popularly known as Atanga Nji Boys) to commit atrocities and link them to self-defense forces, so as to evoke international sympathy. Only an independent fact-finding mission can establish the facts and thus far, Mr. Biya’s government has resisted all requests by independent humanitarian organizations to visit Southern Cameroons and establish the facts.

By Chi Prudence Asong and Isong Asu in London