Ambazonia: Yerima tells fighters “turn Bamenda, Limbe and Buea into absolute hell for Francophone troops” 0

The Vice President of the Southern Cameroons Interim Government Dabney Yerima has ordered Ambazonia Restoration fighters to turn the entire Southern Cameroons homeland into sheer hell for French Cameroun government forces and its so-called civil administrators.

Vice President Yerima in a statement released on Tuesday, directed all Southern Cameroons Self Defense Groups not to spare any colonial administrator and shivering French Cameroun occupation soldiers carrying out shameful and sinful attacks on the people of Ambazonia.

Appealing to the Southern Cameroons diaspora to continue to invest in the big rubbergun project, Dabney Yerima said Ambazonia fighters should set up all trunk A and trunk B roads including army camps in Southern Cameroons as their targets, and turn the area into absolute hell.

Yerima also noted that the Prime Minister Dion Ngute visit to Buea today May 19 is an act of French Cameroun provocation that will be met by unexpected surprises.

Vice President Yerima also stated that Southern Cameroonians are well prepared for the current fighting with La Republique du Cameroun and that Amba fighters have great capabilities to rely on and can put out resistance for a long period of time.

By Chi Prudence Asong