Ambazoniagate: “Biya Regime Killed Prof Martin Belinga” 0

A senior Beti Ewondo official has told Cameroon Intelligence Report that the Yaounde regime killed Prof Martin Belinga. The Biya acolyte who shared a very intensive conversation with our undercover reporter recently in Paris, France revealed that the late Martin Belinga pocketed a huge chunk of the money President Biya dished out to the Buhari administration for the arrest and subsequent extradition of the Ambazonia leader, Sisiku Ayuk Tabe and his cabinet from Abuja to Yaounde.

The Cameroon government official whose name we are withholding also promised to share Martin Belinga’s role in the killing of late Bishop Balla of Bafia.  “Belinga had issues with money and in many occasions had failed to obey the Head of State” the Francophone official told CIR.

He pointed out that Martin Belinga became irrelevant and many of his actions were counterproductive to the Biya administration.  “The State took care of him during his last days, paid his medical bills abroad, but I can tell you that the regime had to get rid of this dangerous man,” he said.

Many prominent men and women suffered the most under Martin Belinga as he reportedly ran a killer squad that committed innumerable atrocities against senior citizens of the country including some leaders of the Roman Catholic Church.

Roman Catholic priests in the Yaounde Arch Diocese blatantly refused to organize a requiem mass for the late politician. Nevertheless, he was finally laid to rest in a typical Roman Catholic tradition in his village where he had constructed a church.

The infighting continues, with intermittent clashes among barons of the regime on who will replace the 86 year old Biya.

By Chi Prudence Asong