Ambazonian fighters abduct policeman, release picture with chained legs 0

Suspected Anglophone secessionists have abducted a policeman in Cameroon and released his picture on the social media with his legs chained.

Police inspector Diguengue Patrice from Mayo-Danay was abducted by gunmen between Njikom and Belo localities in the Northwest region where activists have been waging a war against security forces.

They are agitating for the independence of English-speaking parts of Cameroon in the Northwest and Southwest regions, citing marginalization from the administration of President Paul Biya.

Cameroonian newspaper, L’Oeil du Sahel, said Patrice had been deployed to Fundong police station where he was abducted by gunmen on Tuesday.

The armed secessionists have gunned down many security forces, burned down schools and government institutions and kidnapped several prominent people.

They have accused security forces of killing many activists in their bid to quell pro-independence protests and of arresting and torturing many activist leaders who have remained in detention without trial.

President Paul Biya had said there would not be dialogue in an atmosphere of war, especially when “crimals” take up arms against the state.


Source: Today News Africa