Ambazonian Interim Gov’t renews security advice for parents following French Cameroun terrorist attacks in Bafut 0

The Ambazonian Interim Government spokesman who also moonlights as the Communication Secretary has renewed the Southern Cameroons government position on the resumption of schools in the country.  Chris Anu’s emergency audio message to the people of Southern Cameroons follows actions taken by the French Cameroun military in Bafut in which some students including a teacher were forcefully carried away to an unknown destination.

Hon. Chris Anu echoed the Interim Government’s position that was made public last week for Ambazonian parents to take measures to protect their kids in nurseries and schools from terrorist attacks coming mainly from French Cameroun soldiers deployed by the Biya Francophone government.

Chris Anu further observed that attacks on Southern Cameroons youth have been unprecedented and Ambazonian schools are currently very vulnerable. Cameroon Concord News understands the Ambazonian Interim Government is currently reviewing its defense, safety and school security systems.

The Ambazonian Communication Secretary called for all parents in the territory to put the security of their children first before the shambolic education promised by the invading forces and their acolytes. Mr. Anu pointed out that the Interim Government is channelling its efforts on prevention rather than afterwards adding that the terrorists French Cameroun troops are now moving towards soft targets which to them are the Southern Cameroons young boys and girls.

By Chi Prudence Asong