Ambazonian MPs, Senators still in Yaounde as Southern Cameroons faces more persecution 0

The Ambazonian Interim government says French Cameroun army violence persists against Southern Cameroonians and the overall environment remains menacing for Ambazonians on ground zero. Communication Secretary, Hon. Chris Anu said in a statement on Thursday that the genocide going on in Southern Cameroons towns and villages and the arrival of thousands of Southern Cameroons refugees in Nigeria reflects the continuing gravity of the human rights violations by French Cameroun soldiers in Southern Cameroons.

Chris Anu wondered aloud why Southern Cameroons members of parliament and senators were still serving in French Cameroun mindful of the overt threats they faced of violence and persecution. The Ambazonian Communication Secretary also noted that it was shameful Southern Cameroons political elites are mute when their people are being cut off from their sources of livelihood, hundreds including women and children are being killed and the overall menacing environment is pushing thousands to flee their ancestral homeland.

The statement comes as the Francophone dominated army has reportedly intensify its onslaught in Southern Cameroons. There are reports that the deadly violence against Southern Cameroonians is premeditated and amounted to genocide. Human Rights groups including Amnesty International have all indicated that the Cameroon military was guilty of committing crimes against humanity and genocide.

Cameroon Intelligence Report understands that the French Cameroun army made systematic preparations for genocide against Southern Cameroonians in Belo, Batibo, Kwa Kwa and Muyenge.  The brutal campaign has forced some 50,000 Southern Cameroonians to flee their homeland and seek refuge in Nigeria. Southern Cameroonians based in Ndian, Meme, Manyu, Menchum, Fako, Mezam and Bui Counties have been subjected to a campaign of killings, rape and arson attacks by the Cameroon government military backed by the country’s ruling CPDM party.

By Sama Ernest with files from Rita Akana