Ambazonians at Ikom rally demand UN-sponsored referendum in Southern Cameroons 0

Southern Cameroons activists at a rally in Ikom bordering Ekok in Nigeria have called on the United Nations (UN) to ensure the Federal Republic of Ambazonia’s right to self-determination by organizing a referendum in Ground Zero.

The Ambazonians at the rally in the outskirts of Ikom on Tuesday demanded the UN to support British Southern Cameroons push for the realization of the UN multilateral treaty obligation towards the Southern Cameroons on 1 October 1961 which Great Britain by some strange happenstance handed the articles of sovereignty over the territory to French vassal state of French Cameroun and France’s proxy army of occupation in the night of 30 September 1961.

The Southern Cameroonians chanted pro-independence slogans and urged the European Union and the US President-elect Joe Biden to take notice of the French Cameroun human rights violations in the English speaking-minority region.

Thousands of British Southern Cameroonians have died since a French Cameroun war erupted four years ago and more than a quarter of the population have fled their homes. Of these, 75,000 are refugees in neighbouring Nigeria.

Even though bloodshed has receded in intensity over the last two months, violence remains chronic. Ambazonia Restoration Forces hold sways over two-thirds of the territory. At least four people were killed on Wednesday January 6 2021 following an explosion of a home-made bomb in the Northern Zone of Southern Cameroons.

The Biya Francophone regime in Yaoundé confirmed that the convoy of the prefect of Momo came under attack from Ambazonia Restoration Forces.

At the heart of the crisis, which started in 2016, was a strike by teachers and lawyers, in the English-speaking regions of Cameroon. The professionals, supported by citizens of their areas, protested the unfair use of the French language and unjustified appointments of French speakers in their territories. Cameroon was passing for a bilingual country. By 2017, the situation had spiralled out of control and developed into a fully-fledged separatist war. Both government forces and separatists are now bogged down in a conflict that observers say, can only be resolved through dialogue.

By Kingsley Betek in Ekok