Ambazonians urge to form self-defence groups against occupation forces 0

Tension is reportedly mounting in many counties in Southern Cameroons ever since the Governing Council renamed the territory as the Federal Republic of Ambazonia. Cameroon Concord News has learned that representatives of the Governing Council  are urging locals to form self-defence groups against the “occupation forces”, after the government deployed thousands of soldiers to the various states.

A gendarmerie officer was killed while pursuing Southern Cameroons militants who attacked a school in Jakairi in the Bui County.

“Suspected Ambazonian militants gunned down a gendarme on (Monday) in Jakiri,” a town in the Ambazonia’s northwest, a source close to local authorities said, an account confirmed by the Biya Francophone government. “They killed him with the officer’s own gun,” the sourced added.

Gendarmes were in pursuit when the officer found himself cut off and encircled by the attackers in a forest, the source said.  Citizens of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia say they suffer inequality and discrimination, and last month the interim head of state, Sisiku Ayuk Tabe issued a symbolic declaration of independence which was met with a French Cameroun government crackdown.

International monitors say  the Southern Cameroons conflict has created a refugees crisis in the Cross River State in Nigeria.  At least 255 people have been killed in clashes since late September, but those figures are disputed by the government of the 84 year old President Paul Biya.

By Chi Prudence Asong, CCN