Amid Ekondo Titi attack Ambazonia Interim Gov’t calls for intensified resistance against Yaoundé 0

The Ambazonia Interim Government has condemned the murder of a nurse in Bamenda by plain cloth police officers as a serious escalation that should be met with intensified resistance.

Vice President Dabney Yerima in a statement on Wednesday noted that the only way to protect the people of Southern Cameroons and deter the French backed French Cameroun occupation is by more force, according to the Ambazonia Department of Foreign Affairs.

The Dabney Yerima statement said the strongest response to the French Cameroun military would be to intensify attacks and inflict heavy losses on Cameroon government army soldiers deployed to Southern Cameroons.

The statement came as the Divisional Officer for Ekondo Titi Sub constituency TIMOTHÉE ABOLOA and the Municipal Administrator Nanji Kenneth including three servicemen were killed by a roadside bomb.

The war in Southern Cameroons was started by a head of state whose collaborators have always projected him as the strong man, ordained by God to be eternal not only on earth but also on the throne, but the last years have proven that eternity here on earth is simply a mirage and that no man, including Paul Biya, born of a woman, will ever be physically eternal in a world nobody really understands.

For five years now, Biya has seen 4000 Cameroon government troops killed in Southern Cameroons and his energy waning. Though he seems to believe his own lies that he is still energetic, many events including the Africa Cup of Nations have continued to remind the 89 year-old dictator that time is running out for him.

Both French and Southern Cameroonians have seen him struggle to walk and when he dares to walk, he trembles like a 7-month baby who wants to try his luck at walking.

As his energy levels decline, so too do his muscles fall apart and that makes it hard for his clothes to fit him.

Recently his own trouser sought to take French leave of him during an event where there were thousands of guests at the Unity Palace.

By Chi Prudence Asong