Anglophone Crisis: Center for the Advancement of Women in Bamenda ravaged by “suspicious fire” 0

The Bamenda Center for the Advancement of Women and Families in Southern Cameroons was set on fire on the night of 19-20 May 2017. Located in the district called Old Town, close to the Central Police Station and the prefecture in Bamenda 2 and below the regional division of the Judicial Police of the Northwest, it remains a mystery how the building was attacked by unidentified men.

The building made of definitive materials that displayed great looks has now been destroyed and there are now only walls in cinder blocks blackened by a thick layer of smoke greeting the neighborhood.  Although the origin of the fire remains unknown, the known unknowns is that it is an act of reprisal against the non-observance of the various disengagement movements launched since the social crisis that has rocked Southern Cameroons.

The fire caused serious damage on the infrastructure that composed of a multimedia center, offices and a study room that are currently unrecognizable. A highly placed official loyal to the regime in Yaoundé said that the number of public buildings burned since the beginning of the crisis in November 2016 is increasing.

By Chi Prudence Asong

Cameroon Concord News