Anglophone Crisis: Fako Chiefs split over blood money from the Presidency 2

Three Fako Chiefs have been expelled from the Fako Chiefs conference, over money believed to have been given to the Chiefs by Biya Francophone Beti Ewondo regime to kick against the ongoing struggle in Southern Cameroons.

Cameroon Intelligence Report sources say the three Bakweri traditional authorities include the great His Royal Highness Samuel Epupa Ekum of Dikolo Bimbia and His Royal Highness Chief Etina Monono of Great Soppo.

We are withholding the name of the third Chief as requested by our senior intelligence officer in Buea. The three are said to have distanced themselves from what they termed blood money from La Republique and have accused their counterparts for supporting the regime’s diabolic actions towards Southern Cameroon.

Cameroon Intelligence Report