Anglophone Crisis: Hon. Norbert Mbile says his anti North West declarations were manipulated 2

In a move seen by many as running away from the Mafany Musonge minority following, Hon. Norbert Mbile has expressed surprised at heavy criticism on his person following statements  he reportedly made against the people of the Bamenda province of Southern Cameroons at the famous South West Elites Forum meeting which held in Buea on February 2, 2017 .

Mbile recently revealed that people misunderstood him when he observed that North Westerners were more resilient, hardworking and outnumbered the South Westerners.  The Supreme Leader of the Batanga kingdom in Ndian Division, in the Buea province of West Cameroon said he was instead praising the people of North West for their bravery and not insulting them. He noted that after the Buea controversial meeting he received a series of insulting messages.

Hon. Mbile said he had argued that the South Westerners, in line with the 1996 Constitution were advocating for a ten states Federation whereby each region will have a form of autonomy but that the position of the North West region for a two state Federation might be difficult to obtain because the Biya Francophone regime will find it difficult to share resources 50-50 with the Southern Cameroons.

Mbile who also moonlights as a chartered member of the National Anti Corruption Commission, CONAC said he sees North Westerners as his brothers and that the two English speaking regions are one and indivisible like the one and indivisible Cameroon. The MP failed to condemn the rapes, extra judicial killings and arbitrary arrests currently going on in Southern Cameroons but was quick to call for the resumption of classes in Anglophone schools.

Hon Mbile said the strike in the two English regions has exposed the gross marginalization going on in the country especially the problems faced in the bi-jural and bi-cultural aspects of operation in the country. He however said all strikes have an end and the best thing to do is call off the strike and send children to school which according to him will pave way for positive and inclusive dialogue with the government.

Eyong Johnson with files from Cameroun Info.Net