Anglophone Crisis: Troops deployed to Ekok as ghost town rocks Manyu Division 2

The positions of many CPDM elites from Manyu Division have been put in jeopardy as the population has backed the anti-La Republique ghost town operations as one of the civil disobedience measures taken by the Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium to stop the marginalization of Southern Cameroons by the Francophone political structure.

Manyus made the claim today as all commercial activities from Tinto via Mamfe to Eyumojock and Akawaya remained closed. The Manyu constituency had all along been a private preserve for the ruling CPDM crime syndicate without an iota of development in the area.

Our sources in Mamfe revealed that the Peter Mafany Musonge South West CPDM gang attempted to sabotage the actions of the Consortium and the resistance by using a prominent Manyu family. We also gathered that two Consortium coordinators in Mamfe have been placed under house arrest-one of them from the Abunaw family.

The regime in Yaoundé has reportedly opted for a deliberate silence and systematic abductions all in a bid to stifle the revolution. However, the Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium’s long-stated plans are now set to become reality, and over the coming months Southern Cameroonians will be celebrating the creation of an independent state.

The Biya Francophone regime is said to be under consideration pressure both at home and abroad following the successful holding of an important Southern Cameroons forum in Houston, USA. A well-placed source at the French embassy in Yaoundé told Cameroon Intelligence Report that close aides to Biya are urging the French government to get rid of the 84 year old and dialogue with the detained leaders of the Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium.

Many Southern Cameroon activists have fled to neighboring Nigeria via Mamfe, the chief town in Manyu Division. Troops loyal to the Biya regime have been deployed to Ekok, a border town with the Cross River State of Nigeria. Though there was little signs of extra military activity at the time of filing this report, with uncertainly increasing about what will happen over the next months after the Houston meeting, many Nigerians living in Manyu Division are returning home.

The Senior Divisional Officer and the military commander have played down reports of the creation of a Southern Cameroons Defense Force. But a prominent member of the Consortium was quoted as saying that  “We are about to enter into a phase of civil disobedience to hamper any decision by Mr. Biya and La Republique and we fully support the role our Diaspora is playing.”

Cameroon Intelligence Report