Anglophone largest civil disobedience campaign begins,Schools in Manyu closed 0

In one of the largest civil disobedience campaign launched by the Consortium, hundreds of thousands of parents, students and Southern Cameroons business community are taken part in an Anglophone boycott of all public and private school system reopening activity to demonstrate their support for the full integration of the Anglo-Saxon educational and political values inherited from our British colonial master.

The idea for a boycott began in the early 1990s, when leaders in the Union for Change attempted to oust the 83 year old Cameroonian dictator. Today ghost town operations have return, this time around only in Southern Cameroons. Cameroon Common Law Lawyers and Anglophone Teachers Trade Unions have brought parents, teachers, local civil rights activists including the business community together in a coalition called the Consortium.

 The organization’s sole objective is to restore the Anglophone political and educational structure as was stated in the 1961 federal structure and to render the English speaking imbalance of Anglophone Cameroonians in schools and universities in Cameroun.  After years of unsuccessful lobbying and deliberate silence, the new generation Anglophone leaders decided to take direct action against the Biya Francophone Beti Ewondo regime.

Southern Cameroonians have been called to organize a one-day protest and boycott of schools all over the Anglophone territory, but it is now evident, the strikes will continue indefinitely.  With the boycott already achieving great success contrary to what Francophone surrogates like the Senior Divisional Officer for Manyu Division announced earlier this morning over state radio and television, the response from parents and students in Mamfe communities has been overwhelming as thousands of students have refused to attend their respective schools today. (Picture of GHS Mamfe taken some 15 minutes ago)


By Sonne Peter with files from Tabe Carvalho Ako