Anglophone Problem: CRTV is an important tool of blackmail, misinformation and Paul Biya’s image laundering 0

The recent announcement by the Cameroon Radio and Television, CRTV that Anglophone lawyers and teachers have agreed to end the strikes in British Southern Cameroons breaks no new grounds. The timing of the announcement was intended to change the focus from the ongoing debate on the Anglophone problem and ramifications from the massive Anglophone Diaspora protest in Western Europe, the USA and Canada.

The Anglophone Spring, coming so close to Paul Biya’s decision time on whether to run in 2018 has evoked sad memories. It has reminded the citizenry particular those of La Republique and Paul Biya himself that his end is near and may not be a happy one.  The steadfastness of our lawyers and teachers and the support and respect they have so far gained from the French Cameroon political elites has reminded Paul Biya in particular, about his own potential ouster from power. His recent meeting with the US ambassador featuring the Anglophone uprising has also reminded him of the illusions of absolute power and its consequential unpredictability. Mobutu Seseko’s last meeting in Congo-Kinshasa was with a US envoy known as Bill Richardson.

Biya’s attempt at using the veteran lawyers to instill fear and refocus the national debate to good governance and to consolidate power which seems to be slipping away due to consequences and factors beyond his control has failed woefully. The actions taken by the presidency of the republic and imposed on the Cameroonian public opinion via a prime ministerial order has reminded Philemon Yang that power in Cameroon is in the Unity Palace and not in the so-called Star Building located opposite a noisy market and behind a five star hotel.

The announcement made by CRTV against  the new generation of Anglophone leaders and the strike actions surprises only those who may not be paying attention to Paul Biya’s politics of personal power and his Francophone domination policy. Like many French Cameroun corrupt media organizations owned by the CPDM crime syndicate, the state radio and television is an important tool of blackmail, misinformation and Paul Biya’s image laundering used by pro Biya comedians like Paul Atanga Nji.

CRTV like Cameroon Tribune are used to perpetrate crimes against Anglophones far worse than the Lake Nyos Disaster or the numerous deaths recorded on the Tiko-Douala highway. They are instruments of mass mobilization through falsehood, corruption of the popular conscience and the deification of the 83 year old dictator who has finally destroyed the tribal tolerance miraculously put in place by the late President Ahidjo. CRTV was and is the conduit through which egregious violations and crimes of unimaginable magnitude are perpetrated against British Southern Cameroonians.

It is the conduit through which fraud is celebrated and the flames of the North West/ South West divide are fanned and Francophones in Mfoundi Division are incited to take up arms against their neighbours. It remains the voice of hate, sycophancy and intimidation. The question one may ask, is, who benefits from these crimes? The answer points to Paul Biya. This does not absolve Paul Atanga Nji  for the crimes he perpetrated or for accepting to perpetrate or oversee the use of CRTV to perpetrate crimes against the Anglophone community in which alleged “enemies dans la maisons” “biafrais” “anglobami” “Opposants” and now are blackmailed and targeted on account of their ethnicity or valid claims for self determination.

University students will be having their day in court if there is enough evidence to proceed against them. On a matter of principle and legality, however, the problem is not with the arrest of the students but with the political calculation surrounding the arrest. However, if the Anglophone Spring will lead to Paul Biya finally realizing that his 32 years in power were mired in systemic corruption and unprecedented criminality, and peacefully step down without being forced to do so, then it is significant development. CRTV will henceforth serve La Republique du Cameroun with pride.

We of the Cameroon Concord News Group believe and fervently too that the time to boycott CRTV radio and television including Cameroon Tribune is now.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai (Editor-in-Chief) 

Cameroon Concord News Group