Anglophone Problem: Exiled American Computer scientist condemns the shutting down of internet services 0

The famous American computer scientist exiled in Russia for making public information classified as “top-secrets” by the CIA  has denounced the shutting down of Internet services in the Anglophone part of Cameroon.

The former CIA employee, tweeted that “this is a form of repression, against which we must mobilize and fight, # keepItOn # BringBackOurInternet,” he wrote. The reaction of the famous American computer scientist, Edward Joseph Snowden, provoked an avalanche of comments on the web.

After this unexpected support from the American, many Cameroonians close to English cyber activists, changed their profile with the hashtag, # BringBackOurInternet #. The Francophone dominated government of the 83 year-old dictator Paul Biya cut Internet in the regions of South West and North West in a bid to stifle the growing Anglophone nationalism and demands for a Southern Cameroons state.

By Chi Prudence Asong