Anglophone Problem: Francophone Diaspora accused CRTV of hate reporting 0

The Cameroon Radio and Television Corporation, CRTV has come under scathing verbal attacks from French speaking Cameroonians in the Diaspora following what they described as “hate reporting” through the arousing of anti-Anglophone sentiments over the network.

Information from sources in Germany, France and Belgium said instead of advising Cameroonians against the dangers of war, Anglophone and Francophone broadcasters over CRTV are making a mockery of the leadership of the Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium and their majority following projecting the power of the ruling CPDM crime syndicate as representing the entire French speaking community in Cameroon.

Questioned about the veracity of the accusation of French speaking Cameroonians, most of the diplomats serving at the Cameroon embassies in Western Europe contacted by Cameroon Intelligence Report said as a state radio and television and property of the Cameroon government, President Biya and the ruling political elites can decide what to do with it or what it must say. Progressive Francophone elements in Europe have wondered aloud why such anti Southern Cameroons broadcasts could be allowed at a time efforts were needed to seek for peace in the country.

Repeated broadcast of war messages coming from senior members of the Francophone dominated government such as former Prime Minister Peter Mafany Musonge, Minister Atanga Nji, the resurrected Calvin Nnoko Mbele, Ministers Fame Ndongo and Laurent Esso according to the Francophone community leaders in Europe raised fears that the situation might deteriorate in the near future.

Culled from CIR