Anglophone Problem: Youth Day celebrations boycotted, Biya regime told to pursue rapid reconciliation 0

11th February celebrations in most areas in West Cameroon did not hold as planned by agents of the Francophone regime in Yaoundé. In places like Bali, Mamfe, Mundemba, Ndop and Muyuka, government activities were disrupted by angry youths sympathetic to the detained leaders of the Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium.

Southern Cameroonians in Bamenda, Buea, Kumbo, Tiko, Limbe, Kumba and Ekona respected calls for a massive civil disobedience campaign earlier announced by the interim leaders of the Consortium and demanded the immediate release of all Anglophone citizens from Francophone jails.

In Mutengene, placards were waved informing Biya and his Francophone political elites that the reunification marriage was over. And in Buea, fighting broke out when prisoners who were brought out to swell the marching ranks disappeared and French Cameroonian citizens hired from Douala could not get complete payments from Mayor Ekema Patrick. The mayor dashed from behind his office and fled to safety as infuriated Francophones mounted pressure for money promised to be paid.

The most eventful of the boycott protest was in Bali where hundreds of youth burst into the grand stand and hoisted the Southern Cameroons flag and sang the national anthem of the SCNC. Our senior correspondent in Buea who contributed to this report noted that “Southern Cameroonians have left La Republique du Cameroun to pro-Biya comedians and well-wishers such as Musonge, Atanga Nji and Mayor Ekema.”

The boycott of the 11 February festivities throughout Southern Cameroons, Cameroon Intelligence Report learnt, were further provoked by President Biya claims that all attempts were being made to resolve the Anglophone problem peacefully. Offended by what they saw as a provocative presentation of the Anglophone problem by the 83 year-old head of state, the Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium has extended the ghost town operation to Monday the 13th of February as a sign of respect and support to the detained leaders whose trial in a Yaoundé military court is expected to be stage by the Biya controlled judiciary tomorrow Monday the 13th.

The continues offensive statements from Mr. Paul Biya, said to have been written by Minister Fame Ndongo is now being treated seriously by the interim leaders of the Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium. The interim leaders have praised Southern Cameroonians for the resistance and recently described the actions of some Anglophone CPDM actors as “shameful and unjustifiable.”

As details on the rapes and extra judicial killings continued to emerge, it was reported that Francophone soldiers are extorting money from Anglophone families using threats of arbitrary arrest. Meanwhile, in the wake of rising tension since 2016, a senior European Union official has advised the regime in Yaoundé to settle down for rapid reconciliation as forceful interventions by the administration and the army was proving increasingly embarrassing.

Culled from Cameroon Intelligence Report