Anglophone teachers to Justice Ayah Paul “We are not interested in making personal gains” 0

The leaders of the Anglophone teachers trade unions have in a statement issued on the 13th of December 2016 condemned the actions of Justice Ayah Paul including that of the Francophone government aimed at sabotaging the strike action. The teachers sounded a note a caution to Justice Ayah Paul Abine to stop meddling in their affairs. Below is the press release:

PRESS RELEASE, 13/12/2016

Meeting this 13th day of December, 2016, we , leaders of the teacher trade unions and initiators of the Anglophone education strike of 21/11/2016, noted with indignation that the press outing of H.E the Minister, Director of Civil Cabinet was a manifest display of bad faith aimed at vilifying us and painting us as intransigent, vacillating and instrumentalised. We saw the urgent need to decry this and came up with the following observations in guise of reaction.

  1. That verily, we had asked for the creation of a new broad-based institutional framework with a neutral chairperson, which committee had been created and the chairperson appointed.

  1. That for sure we had requested and had been granted the concession that this committee be allowed to work in Bamenda and prepare an implementation framework for the grievances within the shortest possible time-frame.
  2. Furthermore, that we had actually said when at least one other issue was implemented in good faith on or before 30/11/2016, the strike would be suspended, to be revoked in due course in case of any breach. Suffice is to observe that our mention of “any other issue” was tacitly understood to mean “any other core issue” in this identity struggle, and the issue of subvention did not qualify as a core issue, since it was a measure for private schools all over the republic. And if there was any need to respect a gentleman’s agreement because of the subvention palliative that reason was vitiated by the corollary core issue, which stressed the recruitment of “bilingual science and technical teachers”, a clear indication that the government was pretending to resolve the contentious issues while at the same time recycling the very causes of the contention.

 We equally dismissed as spurious the Minister Director’s claim that we had raised other extraneous issues, especially of political note, because we did not do any such thing. We challenge him to show any document that we tabled, to prove the veracity of his claim. We begin to doubt how neutral he will be as a chairperson when he draws conclusions and makes official assertions on the basis of rumour. We are stupefied that the chairperson thinks we should suspend before committee work begins, another sign of BAD FAITH that might force the CONCLUSION without fear of contradiction that government is still up to its OLD BAG OF TRICKS.

Our stupefaction is under-propped by the fact that our situation can be likened to the plight of a wailing child who has a nail lodged in the sole of his leg and his father chooses to pressurize him to stop crying instead of taking him to the hospital for the malaise to be handled with dispatch! We take the opportunity to address two other


  1. That we decry the attempt by Chairman Ayah Paul to include some of us into an Anglophone Leadership team he has arrogated to himself the right to create. We assert that we were neither consulted nor did we give our consent to such posturing and observe that while we are interested in helping to solve political problems, we are not necessarily interested in making personal gains from the outcomes.
  2. That we are not aware that a team of persons visited Ndawara Ranch to discuss our educational options, amongst a complex of other issues, as social media messages gone viral insinuate. As far as we know, we have not ceded to anyone our right of control over the strike that we initiated.

Done in Bamenda, Tuesday, 13th December, in the year of Our Lord 2016.


 CATTU: Tassang Wilfred F


 BATTUC: Ayeah Emmanuel


CEWOTU: K. Michael