Anglophone Uprising: Consortium announces plans to destroy the 11th February ancestral and diabolical link 1

The Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium has made a public assessment of the strike action currently going on in British Southern Cameroons. The West Cameroon body says the struggle against Francophone marginalization and the restoration of the sate of Southern Cameroons is a winning struggle bigger than any individual.

In a statement issued from the Consortium’s European headquarters, the interim leaders opined that there is no easy walk to freedom. “Threats will come, good friends will fall off, families will be discouraged but the restoration of West Cameroon statehood is bigger than any of us.”

The leaders also called on Southern Cameroonians to remain steadfast and defiant. ‘Don’t allow any threats, friends or family deviate you from reaching our collective goal. If this happens, pluck it/them off. This is a liberation struggle and not a democratic process.”

The leaders further pointed out that in a struggle there is no second opinion. “You are either with us for the restoration of West Cameroon statehood or you are against.” The leaders expressed satisfaction and praised West Cameroonians for rallying behind the Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium to get back their country. The Consortium press release reaffirmed that the civil disobedience campaign will continue for a month and will hold every Mondays and Tuesdays to send a strong message to the colonial government.

Correspondingly, schools will remain closed until all Southern Cameroonian citizens arrested are released unconditionally for genuine dialogue to take place.  Southern Cameroonians have also been reminded that anyone going against the struggle will be considered a black leg and a traitor and will be treated as such.

The Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium has declared 11th of February a black day and the leaders say Southern Cameroonians should be preparing to stage the biggest boycott and ghost town in its history to finally destroy the ancestral link our parents added unto us by the fake union with La Republique.

Sonne Peter