Anglophones leaders refutes Danpullo “secret meeting” allegations 0

Anglophone trade union leaders have refuted reports that they took part in a meeting in Ndawara with CPDM business tycoon, Baba Danpullo. The Executive Secretary of the Cameroon Teachers Trade Union, CATTU, Wilfred TASSANG, told a sister publication, Cameroun that no Anglophone leader ever met with business magnet, Danpullo.

Wilfred Tassang however observed that the negotiators sent by the Philemon Yang administration come with a hidden agenda which to him will not lead to a fruitful negotiation between them and the Government The firebrand unionist says the fact that the chairman of the Ad Hoc Committee put in place by Prime Minister, is demanding the striking teachers to call off the strike before going to the negotiation table is an indication that the Government is playing a game with them.

Meeting in Bamenda on Wednesday December 14, 2016, the teachers maintained the strike while welcoming the putting in place of committee and members to sit on negotiation table. The Executive Secretary of CATTU, Wilfred TASSANG, told Cameroon-Info.Net that “The trade Unions have met and we have taken cognizance of the creation of the Ad Hoc Committee. We are just waiting on the committee to go to work, however we are also expressing our disappointment with the Chairperson of the committee, Paul Ghogumo, who declared that the committee will not be convened until we call off the strike. If the committee is convened we will go to work. Government has not given us any reason to call off the strike, however if the committee does its work as we expect and the Prime Minister gives a timeline for implementation, that could lead to suspension of the strike. If that is not done, then there is a possibility that schools may not resume coming January.”

Culled from CIN