Anti-Amba accusations over Ndu Tea kidnap plot politically-motivated from Yaoundé 0

Renowned Southern Cameroons political elite, Prof Carlson Anyangwe has strongly dismissed accusations against Ambazonia Restoration Forces on the recent attempt to kidnap workers at Ndu Tea plantation, stating that such claims are politically-motivated by agents of the French Cameroun regime in Yaoundé and meant to tarnish the image of the Ambazonia Restoration Forces.

Any clowns appointed DO or SDO by the regime in French Cameroun rushes to hold the Ambazonia Restoration Forces responsible for whatever goes wrong in Southern Cameroons. The Southern Cameroons Interim Government is simply asking for an international fact finding mission to establish the reality in the Federal Republic of Ambazonia” Prof Anyangwe noted.

He continued, “French Cameroun is still inventing and playing new blame games: Who declared war against the people of British Southern Cameroons? You well know who did it. Who had a well equipped military before the war started? You know much better than anyone else. These French Cameroun clowns in Yaoundé must be aware of the facts and present them. By not stating the facts, they are taking advantage of any possible opportunity to hold Ambazonia Restoration Forces responsible. They will clearly fail to tie Amba fighters to the Ndu Tea Plantation kidnap affair. Such accusations are politically-motivated from Yaoundé.”

By Isong Asu