Anti Anglophone Minister in Bamenda for talks 0

The members of the Francophone interministerial committee responsible for dialogue with Southern Cameroon teachers are presently in Bamenda for the resumption of the so-called dialogue scheduled for Tuesday, December 27, 2016.

They include the Minister of Higher Education Jacque Fame Ndongo- noted for his anti Anglophone stance and Ministers of Secondary Education and Basic Education. They are led by a certain Paul Ghogomu, who some French speaking media outlets have revealed is the Director of Civil Cabinet at the Prime Minister’s office.

The union of Southern Cameroon teachers has already warned that it will not back down if its main demands are not taken into account. Among these demands initially linked to the improvement of the conditions of teachers has been grafted the return to the 1961 federal status.

The Biya Francophone Beti Ewondo regime has made it public that federalism is not on the agenda. The regime’s controversial Minister of Communication and spokesman reiterated recently that Cameroon is “ONE and INDISIVIBLE”. Our cream of reporters in the North West region have all opined that there are no signs of an exit from the crisis.

On the ground in Bamenda, where the resumption of dialogue is set to begin, the Yaounde regime has ordered the reinforcement of security for fear of any overflows.

By Sama Ernest