Archbishop of Yaounde says dark forces behind anti-Roman Catholic persecutions in Cameroon 0

The Archbishop of Yaounde Jean Mbarga has told Radio Vatican that the Roman Catholic Church in Cameroon is being persecuted by evil forces. The Archbishop was speaking of the death of the late Bishop of Bafia, Jean-Marie Benoit Balla.

The prelate believes that the Catholic Church in Cameroon is martyred. “We are in a story, I was about to say, of martyrs in our Church. It has been going on since, and it has been going on for quite some time. When we read this whole story and for the most part things have not been elucidated we deduce that we are persecuted and victims of violence that come from dark forces that affect the Church in its heart, in its blood and in his life, “declared the prelate.

Archbishop Jean Mbarga wondered aloud why Roman Catholic clergies were being targeted.  He also pointed out in the interview that “each time there were assassinations; the Christian family never gets an explanations. We do not know who is really behind the killings.”

Jean Mbarga maintained that the brutal death of Jean-Marie Benoït Balla will leave “indelible traces” in the community he was in charge of evangelizing. He spoke of “dismayed, shocked” faithful and recalled that the bishops “have asked the authorities to shed full light on this crime.”

The disappearance of Bishop Balla surprised him all the more because the context did not allow such a tragedy. “What has just happened to us surprises us all! We do not understand! Because, until that fateful date, everything was fine! In my ecclesiastical province there were no shadows!

By Sama Ernest

Cameroon Concord News