Armed groups bring terror to Douala-Yaoundé Highway 0

Some armed men attacked vehicles on Sunday, March 13, 2023 at 10pm along the Douala-Yaoundé road and eyewitnesses reported that there were some casualties.

According to a Cameroon Concord News source whose car had been riddled with bullets, the armed men were all Francophones and their motive was not necessarily money.

The armed men are not after money. They just want to sow terror in the country and it is hard to characterize them at this time. However, they are either terrorists or armed robbers, but we will wait for the government to tell us who they are,” the source said.

He added that “going by what they were saying in French, it is obvious that they are sick and tired of the messy political situation in the country. If they really needed money, they would have asked us to hand them our belongings.

“They were shouting in French that the country was messy and that something must be done if Cameroon must be saved,” he said.

Our people are suffering and the government is not taking appropriate decisions. We are living in darkness as if we are in the dark ages. Where in the world would you find neighborhoods in a nation’s capital without water and lights for years?” the attackers said.

The attack, which occurred at 10 pm, sowed panic and chaos on the Yaoundé-Douala highway and many people traveling at that time had to make a U-Turn to avoid the attackers, who were visibly angry, the source said.

Meanwhile, an Amba fighter who called the Cameroon Concord News stated that if the armed Francophones needed weapons, then they should contact Amba fighters who had a massive warehouse of weapons which could help the “fighters of later days” to achieve their goal – unseating the Biya regime which has brought untold hardship to the people of Cameroon.

If these attackers are really serious, they will contact us. We have an arsenal of deadly weapons lying idle. We can put that at their disposal for them to achieve their goal,” the Amba fighter said.

Our weapons are effective and if anybody has doubts, he can check with the Cameroon army. Our bullets have already sent more than 3,000 army soldiers to an early grave and the government now lives in fear,” the angry Amba fighter pointed out.

We are in the business of sending soldiers home in body bags and many Cameroonian soldiers do not want to come to the two English-speaking regions because they know what awaits them. We can help our Francophone brothers with our weapons. What are brothers for?” the Amba fighter said.

“We cannot fight in French Cameroon but if the armed Francophone fighters need any training, they can come to us for capacity building sessions,” he said.

We will train them. The first session will transform them into butchers. I was trained to severe the heads of soldiers in a neat way and we did a good job in our first days to chop off heads and penises,” the Amba soldier who refused to give his name said over the phone.

Meanwhile, Cameroon Concord News has dispatched its correspondents to the venue of the mayhem and initial reports say government security forces are on the ground to reassure the population.

For now, those using the Yaoundé-Douala highway are in fear and they know they are strictly on their own as the Yaoundé government is still trying to figure out if it is a problem of banditry or terrorism.

However, something is happening in French Cameroon and this might be the beginning of a more complex and complicated situation.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai