As family pressure mounts on Biya!! Another government likely soon!! Martin Belinga may be replaced 1

President Biya is considering a cabinet shake up following pressure coming from very close family members in support of the demands of the Cameroonian first lady, Chantal Biya. Cameroon Concord News has learnt from highly placed government sources that some of the barons of the CPDM regime are on the alert for a possible reshuffle.

Joseph Le, Oswald Babouké and Remy Ze Meka have been listed by the ruling “Essingan” clan as possible replacement for Martin Belinga Eboutou, the current Minister and Director of the Civil Cabinet at the Presidency of the Republic. A source at the presidency hinted that apart from his poor financial dealings with many of President Biya’s acolytes, Martin Belinga’s health has been failing recently. We understand, he recently traveled out of the country for medical reasons.  Oswald Babouké is reportedly a cousin to first lady Chantal Biya and has been a silent force directing a large portion of the country because of the high trust placed on him by the first lady Chantal Biya and her husband

Remy Zé Méka, former Minister of Defense has always acted as a reserve general in the ruling Francophone Beti-Ewondo government.  He is often with the Head of State on private trips abroad and many have constantly referred to him as next-of-kin to the head of state.  Joseph Le, who hails from the East region in the Haut-Nyong Division, has always been a close pal to Martin Belinga Eboutou and replacing him will be a non event.

Rita Akana (Cameroon Concord News Group)