Atanga Nji: A Robot in French Cameroun’s rebot genocide command structure 0

The duties attributed to Minister Atanga Nji from when he was sourced from his serious criminal gang underground world where he was a crime kingpin to join the French Cameroun crime syndicate was that of the Secretary-General of its National Security Council, Minister of Special Duties at the Presidency and a Section President of the CPDM in Mezam County of the Southern Cameroons.  He was strategically placed and provided the resources to zealously advance French Cameroun’s fifty-six-year-old genocide of the Southern Cameroons.  Cameroun Concord News can now state that the appointment of this crime kingpin as Minister of Territorial Administration a position he cumulates with that of Secretary-General of French Cameroun’s Security Council and Section President of the CPDM for Mezam is intended to put a public face to this robot in French Cameroun’s genocide reboot command structure. It is intended also to insulate and prevent Paul Biya and members of his French Cameroun’s crime syndicate from being held criminally responsible for the genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and multiple international violations within the territory of the Southern Cameroons and Nigeria.

The appointment of Atanga Nji from the shadows of the crime syndicate from where he operated, to the more visible role of Minister of Territorial Administration was not intended to fundamentally change the nature of the duties he has been performing within the crime syndicate. It is intended to enable him to play a commanding public role within the reboot command structure of French Cameroun’s genocide crime syndicate. 

French Cameroun is a French neo-colonial state that was built on a foundation of criminality and genocide. Paul Atanga Nji (to use his three names) has played a behind the scene role within French Cameroun’s colonial policy of the asphyxiation of the Southern Cameroons and the rape of its economy.  Lest we forget, the war against the Southern Cameroons is both territorial and economic.  The Interim Government’s Communication Secretary, Hon. Chris Anu is right to call for a strategic realignment of our fighting forces on all fronts to confront the enemy in these and other fronts.

French Cameroun’s reboot policy in which Paul Atanga Nji was appointed, is a tested old policy which the neo-colonial state used effectively and relied on with reasonable success to subdue its own masses and the Southern Cameroons under the mirage of the so-called “one and indivisibility”. The so-called “one and indivisibility” clause was in the French colonial imposed constitution of French Cameroun prior to the annexation and colonization of the territory of the Southern Cameroons with the complicity of Great Britain and France.  The “one and indivisible Cameroun” did not include Ambazonia and cannot and will never apply to the Southern Cameroons which has never been part of French Cameroun and will never be.

The appointment and duties attributed to Paul Atanga Nji are routed in French Cameroun’s France genocide policy.  A careful review of France genocide policy in French Cameroun and its extension to the Southern Cameroon/Ambazonia places the fifty-six-year genocide of the Southern Cameroons in its reboot form on the hands of France. This genocide policy was carefully written in the France/French Cameroun 1959 Cooperation Agreement. The implementation of this genocide cooperation agreement in the territory the Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia led to the ongoing genocide. Paul Atanga Nji was recruited and provided the resources and command to oversee this genocide. He has been enforcing this policy from the shadows and his recent appointment merely lifted him from his shadow operating status to a public one.

The precedent in history was the appointment of Enoch Nkwayeb a Bamileke as Minister of Territorial Administration and Samuel Kame as the Secretary of the National Security Council by Babatoura Ahmadou Ahidjo to oversee the genocide of their own people in French Cameroun. French Camerounese of Douala and Bassa origins, Jean Claude Ngoh and Guilliume Nseke were appointed to enforce the genocide in Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia.

These slave servants rendered commendable services to their masters with over five hundred thousand of their own citizens slaughtered, civilian settlements torched, napalm bombs used to exterminate hundreds of thousands and many of their leaders pursued abroad, abducted or poisoned to death. The reboot of this policy sourced Paul Atanga Nji from his underworld crime world to play the role these Iscariots of the French Cameroun genocide in the Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia.  Atanga Nji is not alone in this category, only his roles differs from those attributed to other Iscariots of the Southern Cameroons.

We of the Cameroon Concord News Group warn Atanga Nji and the Southern Cameroons Iscariots who by their participation in French Cameroun’s civil, administrative, political and military participation are helping the enemy in its war efforts against Southern Cameroons/ Ambazonia. They will not be as lucky as the French Cameroun’s Bamileke and Bassa elite who were recruited to oversee the genocide of their own people.

Majority of Ambazonians, from Fon Gorgi Dinka to the Interim Government have called on all Southern Cameroonian/ Ambazoniain in the French Cameroun’s Parliament to resign and come back to support the liberation struggle in their homeland. Rather than comply with the popular request, these individuals are instead supporting the enemy’s war efforts and crimes against their own people.

On October 1, 2017, when French Cameroun deployed helicopter gun boats to slaughter armless Ambazonia civilians, Iscariots like Chiefs V.E. Mukete, George Tabetando and a hand full of Senators led a demonstration in Yaounde supporting the massacre. The genocide masterminds like Laurent Esso, Fame Ndongo, Isa Tchiroma, Cavaye Jibril, Okalia Bilai, Lele l’Afrique and other French Cameroun’s administrative and military personnel deployed to exterminate Ambazonian civilians were encouraged and energized in committing the pogrom.  Lately John Fru Ndi, with open support from a constituent member of the so-called All Ambazonia Collaborative Council defied a ban imposed by the Interim Government of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia AACC  and held the Convention of his party in Bamenda and in the CPDM Congress hall attended by the deputy Secretary-General of the CPDM. Ni John Fru Ndi has been widely denounced as an Iscariot and there was a reported attempt to torch his property in Bamenda. Only one constituent member of the so-called AACC joined in denouncing Ni John Fru Ndi. He was in the minority in doing so since the rest said nothing. Cameroon Concord News is concerned about the hypocrisy of the so-called AACC in giving tacit support to Fru Ndi through the open support provided by its constituent member whom it failed to even rebut.  The silent endorsement of the support by its core member for the Fru Ndi’s Convention over the ban by the IG confirms the fear by many people that the reboot conference and its offspring the AACC are the amorphous Trojan horses of treachery in the Ambazonia revolution. The danger that this amorphous Trojan horse may be in league with Atanga Nji to derail this struggle appears real.

There are disturbing indicators pointing to this direction. France’s record of criminality in French Cameroun and in the territory of Ambazonia is not in dispute. It is their policy to pay or appoint people to claim responsibility for certain crimes deflecting attention away from them. The admission of responsibility of some crimes committed on our people by some supposed Southern Cameroons defense commanders or surrogates on their behalf is troubling. This conduct assists the enemy. Atanga Nji who is fast replacing Isa Tchiroma as the genocide war propaganda chief of French Cameroun accused Southern Cameroons fighters for attempting to abduct school children and killing one of the soldiers who was deployed to protect the students.

Paul Atanga Nji intended to whitewash the conduct of French Cameroun’s soldiers and portray their deployment as necessitated to provide protection to school children from abduction by Ambazonia combatants. Paul Atanga Nji accused Ambazonia combatants of raping and impregnating school girls. Paul Atanga Nji the dangerous criminal by making these false allegations is preparing the ground to abduct our children from schools and lay the accusation on our fighters. He knows about the international outcry and outrage that the abduction of school girls in Nigeria has caused.  Under serious pressure from Ambazonia fighters, French Cameroun is resorting to blackmail to discredit our revolution. Its strategy policy is to commit these crimes and get some corrupt Ambazonians to claim responsibility. This will undermine the ongoing efforts by the Interim Government of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia to unite, modernize and operationalize our fighting forces and our self-defense fighting strategy

The Atanga strategy is based on patently false serious allegations which so-called commanders have failed to counter. Failing to counter these false allegations does harm to the revolutionary war of liberation and the image of our valent combatants in the international community and at home. The internet and social media surrogates for these commanders spend time attacking concerned Ambazonians who are craving for a reformed strategic and tactical self-defense strategy aimed at defeating the enemy. There are indeed several enemy targets within our territory which can be taken out.If properly identified, they will deter the enemy from its onslaught against our people.

The allegations made by Atanga Nji and the failure to counter them are alarming. The militarization of our territory, the brutalizing of our students, the torching of schools and extensive civilian settlements within our territory are well documented.  As Secretary-General of French Cameroun’s National Security Council, Atanga Nji has always been one of the master minds of this criminal policy and strategy. On the request of Nalova Lyonga and Okalia Bilai, armed soldiers who were deployed to the University of Buea and civilian settlements in Buea brutalized, humiliated, abducted, raped and maimed several students who were shouting, “no violence, no violence, no violence” in efforts to deter the crimes.   Prior to this, the heavily militarized University Buea became the laboratory and guinea pig for culture genocide of the Southern Cameroons. Protesting students were massacred, maimed, raped, abducted and jailed.

This policy was extended to all the institutions of learning in the territory of Ambazonia and rape, maiming, theft of property, and torching of schools and public buildings became the hallmark of soldiers deployed to commit these crimes to humiliate and subdue Ambazonians.  The Interim Government of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia took the decision to close schools in part to protect our children from these perverts and predators and to halt the corruption of our educational system and its core value system. Atanga Nji allegation that the soldiers who were deployed by French Cameroun were to protect the students and that it is Ambazonia forces who are committing the crimes lacks merit. Ambazonians are taking the responsibility for some of the crimes that are aiding the enemy by deflecting attention from their crimes and blackmailing our fighting forces who have made the French Cameroun criminal occupying forces the object of their attacks. Cameroon Concord News cautions that the destruction of civilian settlements is the method used by French Cameroun in its prosecution of the war. It used it against its own people from the 1950s.

Communication Secretary of the Interim Government of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia Hon.Chris Anu, made a very wise call for all our self-defense fighting forces to come together to  review the hit and run tactic which although necessary and effective in some regards may be relied on by the enemy to delegitimize our revolution in other respects. Lest we forget, Atanga Nji in his capacity as a CPDM Section President and so-called North West elite prior to his reboot appointment as Minister of Territorial Administration called for the formation and arming of pro-CPDM militias in Ambazonia to kill and maim our people. He has been appointed to implement tested policies and to rely on elaborate structures French Cameroun had established within the territory of Ambazonia under the supervision of administrative officers and Iscariot elites to exterminate our people. Prior to his ministerial order and instructions to governors and DOs, banning motor cycles and timely reports on the enforcement of the crimes soldiers were deployed to execute, some people thought that torching of motorcycles all over our territory and the shoot to kill conduct by soldiers were the work of ill-trained over zealous soldiers. In a few egregious cases, French Cameroun government pretentiously promised to investigate the crimes but never ever.  God being a God of justice, Paul Atanga Nji has emerged on the scene and provided documentary evidence of the deliberate genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes ordered and committed against Ambazonians by the crime syndicate in power in French Cameroun.

The banning of motor cycles, the most popular means of transportation in Ambazonia is intended to enforce an effective ban of transportation generally, trading, agriculture, education, hospitalization, and indeed the economic life of Ambazonia.  This is tantamount to using starvation as a weapon of war criminalized by the Malabo Protocol on the African Court. The razing of civilian settlements, the elaborate rapes, mass extermination, torching of schools and markets, deportation of the civilian population from their ancestral homes, subjecting civilians to  unbearable conditions of life, indignities on women and children, sexual violence, torture, militarization of civilian settlements and schools, looting and pillage and terrorizing the civilian population through abductions in Ambazonia and in Nigeria are international crimes punishable by the Rome Statute and the 1949 Geneva Conventions.

The abduction of the President of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia, Sisiku Ayuk Tabe and members of the Interim Government in Abuja Nigeria by a combined force of Nigeria and French Cameroun’s special agents with French Cameroun’s agents wearing uniforms provided by Nigeria special agents to conceal their illegal operations in the territory of Nigeria aggravated the criminal responsibility of Nigerian and French Cameroun’s leaders in the acts of terrorism that are threatening peace and security in the Gulf of Guinea.  Cameroon Concord News can conclusively state that Paul Atanga Nji was always present and played a significant role of the realization of these crimes.

We of this publication can also authoritatively state that the outing of the identity and role of Paul Atanga Nji through his recent appointment has at long last exposed the limits and vulnerability of the French Cameroun’s crime syndicate and its criminal policies in Ambazonia. As a crime robot, Paul Atanga Nji will be remote-controlled to inflict more mass crimes against our people. He may also use hit and run tactics to kill to justify mass murder and torching of civilian settlements by French Cameroun forces.

A united Ambazonia defense strategy advocated by the Acting President Dr Samuel Sako Ikome and efficiently communicated and explained by Secretary of Communication, Chris Anu has not ruled out hit and run but rightly states that it must be accompanied by support measures aimed at protecting Ambazonia civilian population and property.  Cameroon Concord News has stated that France through French Cameroun colonized Ambazonia for its natural resources and economic potentials.  The hitting of these economic targets as strongly advocated by the Interim Government and explained by the Secretary for Communication Chris Anu, will remove the pressure from our civilian population.  By targeting these economic targets, we will deprive the enemy of the revenue from the resources it is exploiting to fund the war of genocide against us. The agents of the war economy as well as the gendarmes, the soldiers, the police, the administrators, and collaborators reside in our territory; they operate in or from our territory and their women and children reside among us.  There is a clear distinction between the civilian population of French Cameroun who must be protected and agents of the enemy operating the war economy and their military operations. Over the years, due to an elaborate policy of corruption and land grab, French Cameroun’s administrators, politicians and military officers-built mansions in our territory and continue to operate businesses in our territory.

These are the elaborate structures that the enemy has used to enslave us for over half a century. This war is intended to protect the economic interests of France and the crime syndicate within our territory.  A strategic realignment our self-defense strategy will deprive the enemy of the resources used to perpetrate the genocide of our people. It will deprive them of the resources relied on to destroy our civilian settlements, torch the motor cycles of our people and rape our women and girls. If Paul Atanga Nji places a ban on motor cycles, we too can place a ban on all administrative vehicles, military vehicles and vehicles used to conduct the business operations of French Cameroun’s colonial interests within our territory. 

There are many strategic decisions that a united, well-coordinated self-defense force can take which Cameroon Concord News Group Strategic Editorial Team has withheld from publication.

However, the self-defense policy towards collaborators and enemies of the revolution cannot wait.  The people of Lebialem torched the house of their MP one Benard Foju who in complicity with the crime syndicate betrayed them. The self-defense forces in the Northern Zone must borrow from Lebialem and send these traitors parking to French Cameroun.  Cameroon Concord News has observed a recent trend in the Northern Zone where CPDM criminal zealots have been emboldened to organize under military supervision depopulated televised addresses supporting Paul Biya. Participants in these crimes have returned to the communities with no consequences and this may embolden others to join them in their treachery. It is from the pool of these traitors that Atanga Nji will recruit hitmen to terrorize our civilian populations.

Cameroon Concord News and Cameroon Intelligence Report therefore call on the citizens and self-defense forces within our territory to quickly answer the appeal by the Interim Government to unite to develop a common strategy to defeat the enemy.  Atanga Nji may be a priceless criminal treasure to the French Cameroun crime syndicate. Cameroon Concord News and a majority of Ambazonians know him as a tug and a hardened criminal who has crossed the blood of his people for material gain. He and others supporting him or willing to join him or who have joined him, and the crime syndicate must be stopped. There must be serious consequences for his unpardonable treachery. As a robot of French Cameroun’s crime syndicate, he and his master cannot stop our train of victory to reclaim Buea the Capital of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia.

To this I put my name

Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai

Chairman, Editor-in-Chief

Cameroon Concord News Group