Bamenda: 10 months old baby stolen at Longla handed back to his parents 0

A 10 month old baby boy reportedly stolen at the Longla neigbourhood in Bamenda was rescued at Banjock and has been handed over to his parents. The baby whose name state radio and television gotten as Daniel was carried away from home on the 13th of September 2016 after a shrewd manipulation of his baby sitter. The baby sitter Collette Aza recounted that the baby trafficker took the child away when she was busy preparing food. Collette notified the baby’s parents who immediately opened up a quick search and alerted the police at the Bamenda 3 Council.

After a thorough search of all coach services to and from the North West region especially Mondial Express, another step of investigation surfaced when the culprit used her neighbour’s mobile phone and demanded a ransom. The police immediately contacted the MTN office in Bamanda to trace the number.

The perpetuator was finally tracked at Bandjock in the Centre Region by the judicial police. Baby Daniel was finally returned to his parents after a thorough medical examination. With smiles and relief of the traumatic tale, the baby’s mother testified that the three days search was accompanied by prayers of supplication shared with many through the social media and other means of communication.