Bamenda: Biya has no control as home of TAC President comes under attack 5

Southern Cameroon activists have stormed the residence of Tameh Valentine, the so-called president of the Teachers Association of Cameroon (TAC) in Bamenda and burnt down his car. The corrupt Tameh Valentine was one of the leaders of the English-speaking teachers’ unions who announced a suspension of the Southern Cameroons strike action recently and was granted presidential protection.

Cameroon Concord News gathered that the attack took place on the night of Wednesday at about 2 am in Bamenda. Fortunately, no loss of human life was recorded.  The attackers also set fire on another car belonging to Tameh’s beautiful wife.

Southern Cameroons has been the scene of many fires since the beginning of the uprising in schools, homes, shops and other public places. These acts by unknown individuals are usually staged around 11 pm. Tameh Valentine reportedly had security protection ever since he betrayed the Consortium.

By Sama Ernest