Bamenda: Tassang Wilfred and his men to meet Ghogomu Paul and his gang 0

While waiting for the effective work by the Inter-ministerial Ad hoc Committee to review and propose solutions to the concerns raised by Cameroon Anglophone Teachers Trade Unions, the North West Region has been strategizing to get their points through.

Ever since members of the committee were made public, the different stakeholders have been holding planning meetings to see into it that the committee comes up with lasting solutions. In Bamenda, the meetings have multiplied as members hold different reflections. The executive secretary of the of the Cameroon Teachers Trade union- CATTU, Tassang Wilfred said on Thursday 15 December that ever since the strike started, hardly does a day go by without them having to meet.

With the setting up of the committee by the Director of the Prime Minter’s Cabinet, Prof Ghogomu Paul Mingo he said they have intensified reflections. He added that; “the meetings are to ensure that we go through our papers so as to fine-tune our presentations. We want solutions to our problems. The committee is a good one and we hope that it will bring lasting solutions to the English sub system of education. We are ready to work and prepared to bring sensible proposals,” he explained.

On the sidelines, inhabitants in Bamenda are reacting positively towards the creation of the committee, they hold that including PTA presidents as well as denominational representatives is a clear indication that the government has listened to the peoples. From the look of things the people in Bamenda though moody have not forgotten the end of year feast as well as the feast of nativity. The various markets are full to capacity with queues in almost every shop in town.  Bamenda is busy again but not without the presence of the forces of law and order ready to intervene whenever need arises.

Culled from Cameroon Tribune