Barrister Harmony Bobga says the masked French State terrorism will never stop 1




Harmony BobgaMbuton (Esq.)

It is now almost 5 months since the Common-Law Lawyers of Cameroon ignited a peaceful strike action that quickly gained the acceptance and instant participation of virtually all Southern Cameroonians, both within the homeland and in the diaspora. The ensuing revolution has settled on one clear goal: the speedy RESTORATION OF THE INDEPENDENCEOF SOUTHERN CAMEROONS.

It must be recalled that the strike action of Common Law Lawyers that took off on October 6, 2016, did not only focus on the restoration of the Common Law juridico-cultural system, it included a demand for proof of whether or not there has ever been an ACT OF UNION between Southern Cameroons and La République du Cameroun. This second arm of the raison d’etre for the strike action provided the legal window for ending the colonization of Southern Cameroons.

It has been a colonization that has entailed the destruction of our economy, government, and now is ferociously devouring our cultural identity and remaining values. In short the people of Southern Cameroons, have born the burden of threat of extinction from our colonizers, more like African tribal societies suffered from 19th century European colonizers.

The revolution has continued to be fueled by the defiance of Southern Cameroonians within the homeland and the committed support of Compatriots in the Diaspora.

The Cameroon Common Law Bar Association was created on November 8, 2016 in Bamenda, in defiance of the occupier government of La République du Cameroun. This was done with the maximum of courage in spite of the counter posture of the brutal forces of La République du Cameroun.It was the brutality of the Police and Gendarmerie Para-military forces that transformed our peaceful demonstration into a popular revolution.

The Cameroon Common Law Bar Association thus born, held its first Bar Conference in Kumba on January 13, 2017. At this Conference, we recommitted ourselves,as initiators of the ongoing revolution,to continue providing leadership to the revolution.

Following the arrest and incarceration of one of us, Barrister Nkongho Felix AgborBalla,along with Dr. Fontem Neba,a Buea University Lecturer, both of whom I had been collaborating with,in directing the revolution, I fled from Cameroon. By this flight, I did not just take myself out of harm’s way,I also took along with me the leadership of the revolution as President of the Common-Law Bar, now christened the Southern Cameroons Bar Association. This move follows in the foot-steps of Oliver Tambo of the African National Congress (ANC) who left South Africa and continued his organization’s revolution from the diaspora.

I therefore carry with me the leadership and commitment of the Southern Cameroons Bar Association within the homeland and across the world.This will allow us to deliver on our promise to the people of Southern Cameroons. We will restore their rights to the dignity of their human persons and guarantee that restoration with an independent Southern Cameroons. This is a strict project to deliver justice to a people re-colonized by France, employing the mask of La République du Cameroun for over 55 years now.

This masking was accomplished under the aegis of an obnoxious “accorde de cooperation” that was forced on La Republique du Cameroun as a precondition that left intact her continued colonization while falsely dressed up as an independent nation on January 1, 1960.

Let me reassure the members of the Southern Cameroons Bar Association within the homeland, that the masked French State terrorism will never stop us. I hereby equally enjoin all Southern Cameroonian Lawyers, and other Professionals in the Diaspora,to partner with us in providing the much needed professional and organizational leadership required for the delivery of independence to the entrapped people of Southern Cameroons. By doing this we shall be tapping from the successful experiences of the ANC and the PLO.

To the people of Southern Cameroons in general, I am reassuring you that your men and women in wigs and black robes are poised,stronger than ever, to deliver on their promise to you all as declared at the beginning of our revolution.

God Bless Southern Cameroons.