Battle For Ambaland: Tension mounts between Restoration Forces and Francophone soldiers 0

Tension continues to mount between Ambazonia Restoration Forces and Cameroon government army soldiers in Southern Cameroons. It follows a protracted conflict which has led some 500,000 indigenes fleeing the country.

In Bamenda, Brigadier General Agha Robinson Ndong who commands the French Cameroun 5th Joint Military Region recently observed that the region is desperate at this particular moment.

I’m telling you again, that we might not be saints, we are not, but we do our best. So the population understands that. We are with them and we’ve come here not only to defend them, to encourage them to develop themselves”, General Ndong said.

The region is burdened with violence and instability as Cameroon government forces and Ambazonia Restoration fighters battle for control of the Northern Zone.

The French Cameroun army and government are desperate at this particular moment and they are using every means to smear the Ambazonian war of independence and to escape charges for crimes against humanity.

There have been allegations of threat, torture and execution- a claim human rights groups blame both sides for. But both the Cameroonian army and Ambazonia Restoration Forces deny the claim and blame the other party.

Southern Cameroonians claim to be sidelined by the country’s French speaking majority. Thousands have been killed and Amba forces have vowed to continue with the fighting.

Recently, Switzerland said it will mediate the crisis in the Central African nation but ordered the 86 year old President Biya to leave Geneva with immediate effect after violent protest staged by French speaking Cameroonians rocked the European nation.

Reported by AP with additional editing from Camcordnews