Battle for Ambazonia: Biya relying on a divided North West Fons Association 0

French Cameroun Head of State, President Paul Biya has reportedly confirmed that Prime Minister Philemon Yang and his gang of CPDM elites have failed to resolve the crisis that rocked the former Southern Cameroons territory.  Southern Cameroons declared its independence on October 1 and the interim leadership renamed the region, the Federal Republic of Ambazonia.

We understand the French Cameroun chief executive and his Francophone emissary Garga Haman Adji were relying on the North West Traditional Chiefs Association to win over back the territory. However, events took a dramatic U turn yesterday Saturday, November 25, 2017 in Nkambe in the North-West Region with a major split within the respected Tikar establishment.

The executive board of the Northwest Traditional Chiefs Association (NOWFU) during yesterday’s session of its the General Assembly, made public a correspondence in which Mr. Paul Biya solicited the contribution of the Fons to calm the discontented populations. To this end, reported state radio and television, “the president of the NOWFU invited his peers to prepare very quickly the grievances of their people that they will present to the head of state.”

Information filtered to Etoudi that this new attempt by Paul Biya is also bound to fail in all likelihood because; NOWFU itself is going through a crisis of leadership. While Fon Teche Njei, the incumbent president, was organizing the Elective General Assembly in Nkambe, a dissident faction of NOWFU was holding another meeting on the side in Bamenda.

The Ambazonia crisis which has lasted for more than a year now has been worsening over the past few days. On high instructions from the French Cameroun dictator Paul Biya, Prime Minister Philemon Yang has conducted no less than three missions to dialogue with elites and local populations to find ways and means away out of the crisis. The stagnation of the socio-political tension is proof that the Prime Minister and all the personalities who constituted his suite failed brilliantly in their missions ..

By Rita Akana, with files from CIN