Battle for Ambazonia: Francophone gendarme killed in Muyuka 0

A Cameroonian gendarmerie officer was kidnapped and beheaded on Wednesday by an unknown Southern Cameroons Liberation Force in the Muyuka Sub Constituency in Fako County.

The young officer deployed to Southern Cameroons by the regime in Yaounde had been reportedly kidnapped. Cameroon Concord News gathered that he was then beheaded by the Ambazonian fighters, who eviscerated him.

The viscera of the Francophone officer were scattered in pieces in some few corners of Muyuka. The gendarme’s head was abandoned on the main road linking Muyuka to Buea. It is difficult to establish the group behind the act.

However, the Biya Francophone Beti Ewondo regime announced recently that several secessionist camps were dismantled on Tuesday night and 6 Ambazonian fighters killed in fighting in Kwakwa and Bafut.

Ever since the English speaking people of Southern Cameroons declared the independence of their own state, clashes between Ambazonian Restoration Forces and troops loyal to the regime in Yaounde have been reported all over the Ambazonian territory.

According to Human Rights Watch, more than half a million Southern Cameroonians have been displaced and several hundred killed by Francophone soldiers.

By Sama Ernest in Buea