Battle for Southern Cameroons: Biya regime confirms killing of Army Colonel in Bui 0

Cameroon security officials in the Northern Zone of Southern Cameroons have confirmed the killing of a Colonel in Kumbo, Bui County.  While confirming the incident that led to the killing of Colonel Yaouba Ousmanou, the Biya regime denied that Francophone soldiers invaded and set ablaze houses in Bui.

The late Colonel Yaouba Ousmanou was the commander of the 3rd Amphibian Battalion of the Rapid Intervention Force in Limbe and had been deployed by Yaounde to Kumbo to help crush Ambazonian Restoration Forces.

“We were told of the killing of a Colonel in Kumbo. He was in uniform and coming from Limbe” our source in the North West governor’s office hinted.

By Sama Ernest