Battle for Southern Cameroons: Former news caster takes on Barrister Akere Muna 1


Lawyer Akere Muna, Please stop using ambiguous language to conceal or avoid committing yourself regarding the legal grounds for the independence of the Southern Cameroons.

You have a right, as a loyal son of Solomon Tandeng Muna, to defend your father’s enduring and endearing political legacy,even though, to his credit, he renounced the legacy of unification before his demise, by joining the 1995, 9 Man delegation to petition the United Nations on the independence of the Southern Cameroons.

We are aware of the retainer agreements you have signed with the Biya regime and the exceptional pecuniary benefits you have derived from your professional relationship with this potentate.

But you have the option of dissociating your professional relationship as a lawyer, with the responsibility to defend any client, from your political conviction to defend a bloodthirsty dictatorship from which your family has benefited.

There is testimonial evidence that apart from defending the Biya dictatorship in law suits, you have proposed your sister for a ministerial position, when you declined the offer to join the Biya government.

Akere, this is my question, why would the Biya dictatorship arrest Justice Paul Ayah Abine and not you?

What is your legal explanation for this apparent aberration, or is this politics as usual in French Cameroon where the Munas are stakeholders for this unconscionable annexation, that has been legally disguised as a federation?

Please, Southern Cameroonians need answers, because the battle lines are being drawn and we want to make sure no one is caught in the crossfire.


Larry Eyong-Echaw