Battle for Southern Cameroons: Francophone governor, CPDM Fons calls for approval of Vigilante Groups 9

Francophone government officials in Southern Cameroons have voiced plans of setting up community policing groups in the face of attacks in schools and business establishments. Policing in West Cameroon has failed and the already tense climate in the North West and South West regions has taken on a new dimension since the so-called Prime Minister and Head of Government, Philemon Yang’s tour.

Increasing insecurity, threats to parents defying the Consortium, burning of teachers’ vehicles, fire in colleges and the destruction of shops that opened their doors during ghost towns are some of the issues occupying the Francophone administrative personnel in Southern Cameroons. Several government academic institutions in both the South West and North West have been destroyed. These are actions carried out by a group of individuals whose identities remain unknown.

“We do not know what to expect or who they will attack next. These are new methods to intimidate those parents and students who go to class and who no longer wish to stay at home. We are afraid, because we do not know who is behind this other form of terror,” noted a Francophone parent resident in Bamenda.

To put an end to this situation, a meeting was held in the services of Governor Adolphe Lele Lafrique, in the presence of traditional and religious authorities. A spokesperson for the Francophone governor revealed that “All have opted for vigilance committees to fight the specter that worries the Anglophone regions. During the meeting, the pro CPDM traditional leaders of Mezam as well as the mayors resolved to create non-state policing groups to secure property and public buildings.

By Sama Ernest