Battle for Southern Cameroons: Mutenguene school razed in fire 0

A government school has been razed to the ground in Mutenguene making it the 8th school burned in less than two weeks in Southern Cameroons. The Ambazonia militant groups are currently operating underground and are targeting schools and other public buildings.

These repeated acts of school fires cast doubt on the actual reopening of schools in West Cameroon for the 2017 academic year. Southern Cameroonians with ties to the Francophone regime in Yaoundé have accused the Francophone dominated police forces of engaging in no strategy to stop the burning.

Southern Cameroons counties for the last 11 months have been the theater of angry protest against French Cameroun marginalization. Separatists have attacked police stations including military camps and vandalized high school campuses.

Mutengene is presented as the second most frondeous locality of the Buea Province in Southern Cameroons, after Kumba. But Mutengene owes much more to its reputation hosting the National Police Training and Enforcement Center that is entire French orientated.

By Rita Akana
Cameroon Concord News