Battle for Southern Cameroons: One feared dead, Fru Ndi escapes beatings 0

A man in his early twenties was injured by bullets and rushed to the regional hospital in Bamenda yesterday afternoon as Francophone troops loyal to the Cameroonian dictator opened fire at peaceful protesters. Cameroon Intelligence Report identified the wounded man as one of the unarmed teachers who demonstrated for the improvement of their working conditions in British Southern Cameroons.

The angry populations have joined the Cameroon Common Law Lawyers and the Anglophone teachers to make public popular demands contrary to the message conveyed by state radio and television of a return to the two-state federal structure in 1961.

We got intelligence that the police forces have been ordered to shoot at the demonstrators. Many witnesses have announced the deaths of some demonstrators and information is circulating that the home of John Fdu Ndi, leader of the SDF, the main opposition party was attacked by the protesters who described him as a “traitor” – because of his proximity to the regime. Fru Ndi has reportedly escaped from his Ntarikon villa.

There is panic all over the national territory as people are beginning to fear inter-community clashes between Francophones and Anglophones following the Biya Francophone Beti-Ewondo government’s position, which has chosen to repress by force instead of dialogue on popular and legitimate demands.

By Rita Akana and Sama Ernest in Bamenda