Behind bars with Southern Cameroons detainees 0

Southern Cameroonians are demanding the release of Ambazonia’s convicted leaders, the NERA 10. But with them are hundreds being held in detention centers in French Cameroun for playing a role in the declaration of independence by President Sisiku Ayuk Tabe.

Most of the detained Southern Cameroonians are innocent civilians who pressed ahead with the Ambazonia revolution after President Biya declared a war against British Southern Cameroonians.

Many of the Southern Cameroonians incarcerated for orchestrating the Ambazonia uprising are very much aware they could serve many years behind bars.  But what they also know is that this conflict is not going to be wrapped up in four or five years.

On Tuesday 30th June 2020, the Yaoundé Military Tribunal under Judge Abega auditioned Tita Tebid aka Congressman, Mbi Fritz Takang, Sr Acha Simon, Lukong Augustine, Ayori, Afah Ndetang Pekum Emmanuel, Amungwa Tanyi and Fonka.

Lawyers defending the Southern Cameroonians reportedly banked a ruling in favour of Mbi Fritz. But the prosecution has been given 10 days to appeal.  The Mbi Fritz affair and the Taraba 37 were all moved to July 30th 2020.

By Rita Akana with files