Bishop Jean Marie Benoit Bala: Going home to rest 0

The National Episcopal Conference of Cameroon, NCPC confirmed in a press release made public on Monday the 17th of July 2017 that it has received the remains of the late Bishop of Bafia brutally murdered recently by forces closed to the Yaoundé regime.

His Lordship Bishop Jean Marie Benoît Bala, Bishop of Bafia was found dead on the 2nd of June, off the Sanaga River, precisely at Tsang, a village in the Monatelé constituency in the Center region. Cameroon Concord News can now reveal that the Bishop’s body has been handed over to the church after identification.

The process reportedly took place under the watchful eyes of Archbishop Jean Mbarga, Bishop of Yaoundé, Archbishop Samuel Kleda, president of the NCPC, and Abraham Kome, Bishop of Bafang who is the interim apostolic administrator of the Diocese of Bafia.

We understand the Roman Catholic Bishops are planning a funeral on the 2nd and 3rd of August 2017. The NCPC has also indicated that it intends to file a complaint against X, for assassination of Bishop Jean Benoit Bala.

Public opinion is completely divided in a crisis where the judge and jury are the same and at a time when Roman Catholic loyalty is no more on the teachings of Christ but on the doctrines of the ruling CPDM crime syndicate.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai
Cameroon Concord News