Biya donates 50 million FCFA for the construction of a Cathedral in Sangmelima 0

President Biya has reportedly made a donation of 50 million CFA francs for the construction of the Saint Joseph Cathedral in Sangmélima in the South Region. The Cameroonian chief executive also instructed Martin Belinga Eboutou, Director of the Civil Cabinet at the Presidency of the Republic to rally all senior elites of the South region and even beyond to finance the finishing of the Cathedral project.

Cameroon Concord News learned that the budget for the realization of the project was estimated at 1.5 billion CFA francs. His Lordship Bishop Christophe Zoa recently announced that nearly one billion CFA francs have been gotten. The project now requires 500 million FCFA for its completion. The Cathedral has a capacity of 5000 seats. It occupies an area of 20 254 km2 situated in Monavebe and will be the largest in Africa.

Rita Akana with files from