Biya envoy enjoins compatriots to embrace peace and unity 0

The Consul-General of the Cameroon in Nigeria, Mrs Bessem Manga, has called on her compatriots at home and abroad to close ranks and embrace peace for the emancipation of their country.

Manga made the call late on Monday in a speech to mark the 47th Edition of the National Day of Cameroon in Lagos.

Newsmen report that the envoy made the call amid growing challenges in Cameroon, including the Boko Haram insurgency and secession threats in the southeastern flank of the country.

Speaking on “Unity in Diversity, a Major Asset of Cameroonian People in their Determined Move towards Emergence,’’ Manga said that peace was the crucial requirement for the country to aspire to greatness.

She said there was need for Cameroonians to come together and talk peace to make the country a united entity for its citizens at home and in the diaspora.

“The things that unite us are more than things that divide us. We need our people to come together to close ranks to celebrate our oneness.

“Peaceful cohabitation will make our country to move forward. My prayer is that peace should continue to reign in our dear country.

Manga applauded the government and people of Nigeria for their hospitality and show of love for hundreds of Cameroonians residing in various cities in Nigeria.

“I thank the government and people of Nigeria for welcoming and giving us chance to live within your midst. This shows how unified both countries are,” she said.

May 20 is marked yearly as the National Day of the Cameroon, although the French-speaking part of the country gained independence on Jan.1, 1960.

The British Cameroon joined the new state in 1961 but it was not fully integrated. A `federated’ system existed that prevented full national unity of the two Cameroons.

The National Day was marked first on May 20, 1972 when the Francophone and Anglophone speaking states of Cameroon unified to become one country.