Biya Francophone Beti Ewondo regime committed to aggressively pursuing ‘marginalization policy’ 0

A Southern Cameroons political commentator says the French Cameroun crime syndicate in Yaoundé is relentlessly following its marginalization policy in Ambazonian territory.

“The Biya Francophone Beti Ewondo regime aggressively pursues French Cameroun colonial policies in Southern Cameroons, which has been the bedrock of the regime’s genocide agenda for the last 59 or more years,” Dr Ngassa Anyangwe, an executive member of the Southern Cameroons Broadcasting Cooperation told Cameroon Concord News in an exclusive interview on Monday.

The German based Southern Cameroons physician lambasted La Republique du Cameroun regime’s systematic theft of Ambazonia property and resources as a reprehensible disregard for the inalienable rights of indigenous Southern Cameroonians to their homeland.

The Southern Cameroons academic also criticized the Africa Union for its impotence to prevent French Cameroun’s unjust and blatant violations of international conventions and principles adding that the demise of President Deby of Chad has made Moussa Faki Mahamat to now appear like an orphan in international politics.

Moussa Faki Mahamat concocted a bias that has prevented the exercise of law against French Cameroun incremental genocide,” Dr Ngassa pointed out.

Dr Ngassa went on to say that the United Kingdom’s decades-long guilty conscience has prevented Britain from criticizing French Cameroun for its barbaric and brutal practices in Southern Cameroons.

By Isong Asu