Biya Francophone Beti-Ewondo regime’s strategy to stifle the Anglophone nationalism uncovered 3

An insider has hinted Southern Cameroonians on what the Biya Francophone Beti Ewondo regime is developing as a strategy to stifle our Anglophone nationalism. Below is part of the release that was made public by an anonymous source in Yaounde:

The Biya Francophone Beti Ewondo regime intends to use Delay tactics, using time in saying they are processing information we gave. (Very worrying point) time kills and interest might wane.

    More Francophone ministers will start speaking in English

    Signs and billboards will be slowly changed to both languages with English appearing bold

    Important ministers in say 3-4 ministries will be Anglophones

    Majority Francophone staff in divisional and sub- divisional schools will be transferred

    Many Anglophone teachers will be posted to teach in Francophone zones with an increase in salary as compared to those in Anglophone zones (a pull factor, watch out)

    Some Provincial and divisional judges will be Anglophones in Anglophone areas

    Speeding up of the Kumba-Mamfe road construction

Do not be glad, these things are just window dressings for they will soon fade away. Behind the scene right now are spies, sent out to spy and sabotage the leaders in the Anglophone struggle. Beware they are going to use women and money to bribe them. Do not be alarm if you hear of theft and sex scandals. It saddens me to say this, but some leaders will trip. They have employed hackers, who are working right now in trying to track and expose. I won’t name the country from where the hackers came from. Let all our prominent leaders mind what they say over the phone and in SMS, they are listening to them and listening to the closest 5-10 persons in their circle of friends.

Working behind the scene right now are ethnologists and sociologists employed to cause great division among the Anglophones. These people know the weakness in our tribal cultures and are going to set a wave hoping it breaks our spine. Please do not start hating people in this professions, they are just being used because they know very well how societies are structured. Here are some of the things I think they will propose and try to do;

  • Organize simple things such as canoe races between people in the coastal areas from Wouri to Bamusso with large sums of money to be won. Event will be covered by the media and historians will be called to start talking about their similarities and common ancestors, and you will start to hear things like sawa land, sawa people. Manyu will be ignored from these events and these will upset certain chiefs, elite and natives and that will be the start of the breaking of the peoples of the SW. The Mbo’s and Bakossi will be encouraged through cultural and sporting events to link up with Nkongsamba. As you can see these diabolic events have isolated Manyu and Labialem peoples. They will use our chiefs and elites for these evil jobs. My brothers and sisters do not be alarm and fall for these when you see these things unfolding. Warn your Cheifs and elites.

  • Appoint a North Westerner as Governor of South West or a big cooperation in the South West, and then get some chiefs to oppose publicly, so the Governor/General manager will be remove with the hope that people from the North West will be upset, and this will be made into a huge story. This trick will be to plant mistrust and their media will promote it. This same trick will be used in the North West, but this time they will use someone from the Western province to plant division and isolate North West. My people like we say in pidgin “shine your eyes” and do not fall for these.
  • Offer Prime Ministerial office to someone from Ndian hoping it will upset Manyu and to please Manyu, appoint one of their elite as governor in littoral/ centre province. Forgive me if you do not buy my analysis, but this is how I perceive the bite and blow from this diabolic “system”. They are trying to isolate North West at the same time divide South west making it to look like Manyu, Lebialem, Manegoumba and Bagem are against Fako, Bamusso and Meme
  • For the North West they will stir tribal wars and make it national news. Favour weaker group over stronger one. Let not your hearts be trouble my people. “Shine your eyes” and avoid falling for this. They will also stir up news in West Cameroon that North West will rule and gain more, so as to frighten any weaker comrade. At the same time they will stir within South West that Manyu natives are more and will dominate and they (the system) will offer to help Fako and Bamusso if they reject Federation.

Please let this not sway you, for the rule of law, open opportunity for all will have to be the bedrock of our federation. The shallow reason you see they are trying to set confusion amongst Manyu in SW and NW as a whole is that, they (the system) thinks these two benefit the most from others. But it is a lie. West Cameroon has lot of unexploited resources in the North West, such as iron ore in Ndop, Coal, rare earth minerals along Nkambe all the way to Furawa, following that mighty Katsina River, just to name a few. We know they do not release these info for fear of us separating. Same goes with Manyu, Bangem, Labeliam. We know there is bauxite in Bagem and Labialem, some crude oil in Mamfe, pozzalan in Manegouba and many more because as it stands our region is least exploited. The only resource heavily extracted is the crude from Ndian, timber from Korup and Nguti and now some crude from Limbe.

We all have some differences, its normal but we should all rally around the Identity (Anglophone). Look the USA and Canada are made up of people from Africa, Europe and Asia. What binds us should be our Anglophones. Guard this closer to your hearts, for if we fail they will suck in South West into Littoral and North West into West, by creating what they will call Coastal/Sawaland State and Grassfeild State. This will come about by them proposing a 6-7 states solution. Flee from these proposal, because if we are sucked in, only force can be use to liberate us and it will be deadly.

They are now back to their drawing boards planning drastic and carefully thought over ideas. There is blame game in their camp now and some heads will roll, some are saying they had been very arrogant and harsh with “assimilation” or “harmonization”. The implementation of their diabolic plans will be gradual this time, as you can see the system is very upset by what we have done. We have shattered what they have built since 1962 till date in just 2 years. We should be very tactical and foresighted, take no soft speeches in English by some as change or appointments as a solution.

It’s either Full Federation with all its tenets or Separation. Let the Consortium be careful with who they bring on board and how they draft and list their points. If all their points are satisfied but no federation granted it will take two generations to wipe the slate clean, and this might be deadly. If they say we are talking politics, we should agree, politics affects all sectors of life and politicians are the decision makers. We are talking about all these because of what politician did. Do not shy away when they say avoid politics.

Some of their advisers are telling them to offer us Full Federation, but the system is worried. The “system” says they need a guarantee, and it should be, we sign a clause which will state that Secession will never be raised in say 100 years from the date of such signing and it be enshrine in a new constitution. If we take this option, we also have to propose that all the points raised plus Full Federation with all its tenets, be protected and enshrine in the constitution and upheld to its fullest, and if it’s not followed we will opt out of the union and go our way as a separate state.

We should also ensure that the state flag bears two stars as a reminder that, these are two peoples living together under a Federal system. The name of our country should also include the words United and Federal. These are reminders and should not be left out.

Brothers and sisters I have more to say but I will reserve for now. Please feel free to use these info to educate our people if you dim fit, I have no copyright issue with it.


A point to highlight, CDC might be lost; its destruction had been going on for some time. She will suffer from competition brought to it by the “system”; the “system” has created large farms in the East and South growing palms and rubber. They have few workers and most are seasonal same as Herackles farm, so they stand a better chance of undermining CDC in selling their produce. This will cause CDC to be indebted and be forced to be privatized to foreign companies and behind these foreign companies will be top people from the “system” their family and friends. They will create companies abroad in what is call “company layering” and use these companies to buy shares in a foreign company and ask this foreign company to come and buy over CDC shares. We should watch out and teach our people to be vigilant and be vocal.

Found in Old Mount Mary’s Church Buea