Biya Francophone regime announces another fake measure to ease tension in Southern Cameroons 1

Having failed in the fulfillment of its many promises, the Biya Francophone government has again announced another move to ease the tension in Southern Cameroons. In a statement issued yesterday Thursday (April 06, 2017), the Minister of Civil Service and Administrative Reform made public the launching of a special recruitment of Anglophones in to serve in the courts in the South West and North West.

As it is always the case with a dubious regime, the date of this special operation was not specified.  The Francophone Minister, Michel Ange Angouing simply indicated in his press release that the recruitment will take place from 2017 to 2020 through an ad hoc committee made up of several representatives of administrations.

These massive enrollments and those earlier revealed by the Francophone Justice Minister, Laurent Esso are part of the fake measures taken by the Francophone government to induce Southern Cameroon lawyers to put an end to their strike action that has lasted for over six months.

Southern Cameroon lawyers have boycotted court sessions in the Buea and Bamenda provinces ever since they launched their strike to denounce their poor condition and marginalization by the essentially francophone central government.

By Sonne Peter