Biya, French Cameroun army soldiers will pay price for crimes in Southern Cameroons 0

The Ambazonia Interim Government (IG) has stressed that the issue of Southern Cameroons as an independent nation can’t be compromised, warning the 88-year-old President Biya and Cameroon government army soldiers deployed to Southern Cameroons that they will pay the price for their crimes in the Ambazonia homeland.

Vice President Dabney Yerima made the remarks in an IG statement that was issued after the Toronto Southern Cameroons Retreat.

The exiled Southern Cameroons official stressed that the IG is open to dialogue with international partners to end the war in Southern Cameroons but furthered that the people of Southern Cameroons will continue to reject any form of compromise.

Since the Southern Cameroons crisis hit the global stage some five years ago, some 10,000 Cameroonians have been killed, with army soldiers accounting for close to 35% of the deaths.

Thousands of civilians and soldiers have been maimed and scarred for life in a conflict that could have been addressed through negotiations and genuine dialogue.

As of today, some one million Southern Cameroonians are either  internally displaced or are seeking refuge in a neighboring country due to a conflict many observers say was avoidable.

Thousands of army soldiers whose consciences could not allow them to kill innocent civilians have left the country to escape the harsh punishment the government inflicts on soldiers who do not want to implement the decisions of the top military brass.

By Eyere Vera Asu